Shopping at Kusadasi

If you are in Kusadasi and you want to do shopping, this text is suitable for you!

Shopping at Kusadasi

Kusadasi has many stores. While some of these sell clothes, others shoes. Of course, just not clothes and shoes; various things are sold at stores, such as bags, jewelry, toys, decorative stuff etc. Apart from these stores, there are handicraft stores too. At handicraft stores, carpet, leather, and jewelry are sold. Carpets are handmade. Peasant women weave carpets by their hands. The carpets weave process is for at least one year, and then the carpets store sells these handmade carpets. For this reason, these carpets are so valuable.

                You have other options for shopping also. You can go to the mall. If you want to go there you should get on the 6 or 7 number bus. Between Kusadası city center and the mall, the distance is 30 minutes. The mall has much more stores, both domestic stores and universal stores. Surely in the mall, stores have more quality than street stores, but street stores are much cheaper. Which store you choose is up to you.

                Since Kusadasi is located in the Aegean region, agriculture is very developed. On the Kusadasi grows various vegetables and fruit. For example, fig, olive, peach, cotton, grape, chestnut and etc. Among these foods, the fig is the most nutritious and healthy. 

  • It plays a role in balancing blood pressure.
  • It is essential for the daily vitamin requirements of the body.
  • It is important for bone and dental health.
  • It is an effective anti-cancer food.
  • It facilitates digestion with the fibers it contains, and thanks to this feature, it plays a role in protecting your body from harmful bacteria. And there are many more benefits to human health.

You can buy all these foods at Kusadasi street snack stores. Vacuumed and dried food is durable and maintains its freshness.